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Regulations OWTW 2022





The National Contemporary Dance Workshops, hereinafter referred to as the Workshops, will be held in Połczyn-Zdrój in between 23rd and 31st of July 2022. The Workshops Regulations apply to all people using the workshop offer, hereinafter referred to as Participants. The organizer of the event is the „Połczyn Cultural Innovations” Association.


A participant is a person who:

– reports willingness to participate in the workshops by registering in the registration system, available at http://zapisy.polczynnabosaka.pl/

– books the classes in the registration system and pays the accreditation and administration fee.


Making a reservation through the registration system and paying the appropriate accreditation is equivalent to accepting these regulations.


The workshops are intended for people over 16 years old. Each minor participant must have an adult guardian, as well as a written consent to participate in the workshops signed by parents or legal guardians. The organizers are not responsible for minor participants.


The organizer does not conduct any profit-making activity. All the income serves achieving statutory goals of the Association. 


It is forbidden to film, record and photograph workshops and festival events without the Organizer’s consent.


The participant agrees to the free recording of his image in the form of analogue and digital photography, as well as video recording during the workshop. Moreover, the participant agrees, free of charge, for the Association to use his image in the form of analogue and digital photography and video recording without territorial and time restrictions, via any medium. The transfer of this authorization to a third party does not require the prior consent of the participant.



Registration for the workshops lasts in the time announced by the organizer or until there are no spots available. Due to the limited number of places, the order in which places are booked and payments are done to the organizer’s bank account is decisive.


The prepayment guarantees a booked spot at the workshop – e.g. 50% of the accreditation amount or its full amount within 7 days from confirming the selection of classes in the registration system. If the remaining part of the accreditation fee is not paid by bank transfer by 1st of July and there is no response to the Organizer contacting the participant, the reservation will be canceled. The possible return of the prepayment fee will be then decided by the Organizer.

Participants registering after 4th of July are required to pay 100% of the accreditation fee within 3 days from the moment of confirming their choices in the registration system. The last day for the registration and payment of fees is 20th of July.


From 1st till 3rd of July the registration system will be blocked for the purpose of verifying so-far participants and their accreditation payments. 


The organizer is not obliged to return the accreditation payments to participants who will not participate in the workshop and will not inform the Organizer about it.


In case of freeing a spot on the list of participants for the particular class before its beginning, a participation option will be offered to the next person from the waiting list.


To send the application form you have to select a minimum of 5 hours of workshops each day. Classes are held from 24th of July (Sunday) till 26th of July (Tuesday) and from 28 th of July (Thursday) till 30th of July (Saturday). Participation in a class means presence during a full workshop duration which may take either 3 or 6 days. All workshops and thematic paths have the same hourly range every day. The participant may take part only in the workshop classes and thematic paths indicated in the application form.


Advancement level criteria and requirements:

For Everybody / Open Level – Basic knowledge of movement and body, basic coordination and learning skills, no previous knowledge of the particular topic required. For people with no contraindications for the increased physical activity.

For dancers – High body awareness and movement skills. Minimum 4 years of dance experience through regular classes and workshops, participation in festivals, performances, shows, jam sessions.

For professionals – Minimum 6 years of dance experience, professional participation in contemporary dance workshops and contact improvisation classes, very good knowledge of dance nomenclature, excellent body awareness, experience in performing and taking part in dance projects on a national scale. Classes for people above 21 years old. 


The Organizer reserves the right to change the plan of the workshops and to cancel groups with insufficient number of participants no later than two weeks before the workshops. In this case, participants whose classes will not take place will be offered other classes or the payment will be refunded.


The Organizer of the workshops does not provide reimbursement of the costs of travel or accommodation. 


The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop or introduce changes to the program. The Organizer is obliged to immediately inform the participants about the cancellation or changes by e-mail or phone, stating the reason.


The administrator of the data provided in the form is the Association „Połczyn Cultural Innovations” with its address at Plac 1000-lecia 5/10 in Połczyn-Zdrój. Personal data is processed in connection with the registration of participation in the National Contemporary Dance Workshops. Each participant has the right to inspect their data and possibility of correcting them. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the workshop.



If the Participant wishes to take part in different classes than those which he booked, he is obliged to contact the Organizer the latest one day before the start of the event. The number of free spots will be decisive. If an additional payment is required, the participant must make it before the start of the classes.


It is forbidden to consume alcohol in the place of accommodation offered by the organizer, as well as to comply with the regulations of the facilities during workshops and accommodation.


The organizer has the right to exclude people from the classes who disrupt their course or behave inappropriately, as well as to exclude a person from the workshops for violation of the regulations. In this case, the accreditation fee will not be refunded.


The organizer does not provide insurance for participants and is not responsible for it.


The organizer reserves the right to change the festival classes and events, and is obliged to inform the participants immediately.


The classes may not be attended by people who have a clear medical contraindication to dance.


The organizer is not responsible for any injuries or unfortunate accidents of participants and for valuables that may be lost, damaged or stolen from participants.


Participants are not required to participate in festival classes and events, except for mandatory organizational meetings.

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